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Four Reasons Why You Should Be Buying Artisan Chocolates

Artisan chocolate is a more ethical, sustainable and healthier alternative to mass-produced chocolate. Artisan chocolates are made with natural, ethical ingredients by skilled craftspeople, which means you can feel good about eating it!  

At Pure Lovin’, our approach to artisanal chocolate making focuses on ethics, sustainability, and, of course, deliciousness! Our selection of dairy-free chocolate treats has something for everyone.

Freshness Matters: Chocolate Making, the Right Way

raw cocoa beans

Artisan chocolate is made by hand and in small batches, which means it’s not only fresh, but also carefully crafted. This results in a variety of interesting shapes and forms that you won’t find in the mass-produced chocolates that dominate the chocolate industry.

Artisan chocolates are made to order, meaning that they’re always fresh and never stale or pre-made. Imagine the difference between eating something that has been sitting in a box for weeks or months versus eating something in the hours or days after it’s made.

The same principle applies to artisan chocolate! Freshness matters.

The Sustainable Chocolate Choice

Sustainability – both environmental and economic – is an important consideration, no matter what product you’re buying. 

Artisan chocolate is becoming more and more popular with consumers all over the world because it is made with natural ingredients, and has a lower carbon footprint than most other types of chocolate. 

Unlike certain major manufacturers, companies like Pure Lovin’ Chocolate offer sustainable artisan chocolates which are environmentally conscious, socially responsible and ethically sound.

ripe bunches of cocoa

Is your chocolate sustainable?

You might be surprised to learn that many of the chocolates you buy in the grocery store are not sustainably produced! The conditions for cocoa bean growth and harvesting are often dismal, with child labor being used on some plantations. 

Artisan chocolatiers, however, prioritize suppliers with sustainable practices. Instead of using cheap cocoa beans which come from plantations where children may be working in poor conditions, artisan chocolate is made with pure raw ingredients, such as cocoa butter, cocoa powder and chocolate liquor, that has been produced in sustainable and ethical ways. 

One of the best reasons to buy artisanal chocolate is that it can be so satisfying to treat yourself to something that’s both good for you and good for the environment. All of the ingredients in our delicious chocolate treats come from sustainable sources that help protect forests and wildlife habitats around the world. 

Also, buying artisanal chocolates also helps support small businesses like ours! One of the most rewarding aspects of eating chocolate from artisan chocolate makers is knowing you are supporting environmentally friendly companies and products.

It’s Better for the Environment

child holding tree leaf

Another good reason to buy from an artisan chocolatier is because you can get vegan products, free from milk fat, milk solids and many other animal-based ingredients. 

Unlike the production of commercial milk chocolate products that exploit workers and damage the surrounding ecosystem, artisanal chocolate is made with pure cacao beans which are harvested in sustainable ways without animal products. 

You may be surprised to learn that many mass-manufactured chocolates contain artificial chemicals like corn syrup, propylene glycol or castoreum (an extract of the castor sacs from a specific type of beaver), which are used in imitation vanilla and raspberry flavoring respectively. You can feel confident that artisan chocolates use high quality ingredients without being artificially enhanced because they’re handmade with natural ingredients. 

Chocolate lovers choose artisanal chocolates because these fine chocolate products are better for the environment than mass-manufactured varieties. Commercial manufacturers have a reputation for using cheap cocoa grown in ways that exploit laborers and damage the surrounding ecosystem, as well as large factories that pollute rivers with toxic waste from processing plants. 

This is one reason why environmentally-conscious and health-conscious people avoid traditional candy bars! 

The Most Important Reason: It’s Delicious!

Many serious chocolate connoisseurs turn their noses up at faux-chocolate products. Because they are handmade with natural ingredients, artisanal chocolate bars and other treats taste much better than its mass-manufactured counterpart.

The earthy, rich flavors of artisanal chocolate are incomparable to anything you’ll find at the grocery store. Mass-manufactured chocolate is made with the cheapest cocoa beans, but craft chocolate makers use pure cacao which contains flavonoids that aid in digestion and offer protection against disease.

48 pc Artisan Chocolates Premium Assortment

One of the most important reasons you should buy artisan chocolate is because it tastes better than mass-produced chocolate. An artisan chocolate maker takes pride in skillfully combining high-quality ingredients draped in the finest couverture chocolate to make chocolate products that stand out from the rest. 

Making fine chocolate bars, truffles and other treats is a true art form!

vegan, artisan chocolate bears

Pure Lovin’ Chocolate – Sustainable, Ethical Artisan Chocolate Makers

At Pure Lovin’ Chocolate, we make small batch, sustainable, vegan artisan chocolate products that you will love! As the vegan chocolate lover’s sanctuary, our small shop produces unique and decadent chocolate treats that you won’t find anywhere else!

Our products are available at our retail locations in Victoria, BC, through other artisan chocolate shops in BC and Alberta, and, of course, you can order them online! Delivery is available throughout Canada and the United States, access our online vegan chocolate shop here!

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