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Our creamy and delicious house-made vegan white chocolate filled with crispy rice and shaved vanilla bean.

Best Consumed Within: 3 months

Weight: 75 g


Vegan White Chocolate Crispy Bar Ingredients: Organic*, Fair Trade^ cocoa butter, cane sugar*, gluten free oat flour*, coconut milk powder* (dehydrated coconut milk, tapioca maltodextrin (derived from organic yuca root), acacia fiber), sprouted brown rice crisps* (sprouted brown rice, coconut palm sugar, unrefined salt, vitamin E), vanilla bean^*.

Please see the FAQ page for all allergen information.

What is Organic Chocolate?

Organic chocolate is simply chocolate that has been certified as organic.

The certification is done by the country that produces or sells the organic chocolate products or ingredients. That means that any company that produces something they want certified as organic must follow a certification process.

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