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This deluxe 32 piece, 2 tier wood finish gift box is sure to wow & delight even the most discerning recipient. Filled with a delicious assortment of our handcrafted Truffles, Cremes and Caramels, it is a gift that won’t soon be forgotten!

Thoughtfully packaged in a deluxe, wood finish 2 tier gift box and finished with an elegant ribbon.

Truffles: Best Consumed Within 1 – 2 weeks (unless refrigerated or frozen – instructions will be sent with order)

All other chocolates: Best Consumed Within 3 months

Weight: 350 g

*When ordering, please note in the ‘special requests’ section during checkout if there are any flavours you would or would not like to be included in your order. We will do our best to fulfill requests for specific flavours, but due to the small batch nature of our products requests are not guaranteed. Our gift boxes are filled with an assortment of the chocolates we have fresh made at the time of shipping, and we do not guarantee that your box will include every flavour listed below.

*Your box may include luscious Artisan Chocolates in the following flavours:

  • Dark Chocolate Truffle: Rich, creamy dark chocolate ganache.
  • Cafe au Lait Truffle: Vegan milk chocolate ganache infused with organic coffee.
  • Hazelnut Heart: Rich dark chocolate and hazelnut filling encased in dark chocolate.
  • Smoked Sea Salt Truffle: Dark chocolate ganache dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with Applewood Smoked Sea Salt.
  • London Fog Truffle: Creamy vegan white chocolate ganache infused with organic Earl Grey tea and vanilla bean.
  • Spiced Chai Truffle: Organic Chai blend infused in dark chocolate ganache, enrobed in a dark chocolate shell and topped with fresh cinnamon.
  • Vanilla Bean Creme: Freshly shaved vanilla bean blended into sweet vegan candy creme.
  • Sweet Orange Truffle: Organic orange oil and a touch of sugar blended in our dark chocolate ganache and topped with a sprinkle of organic powdered orange peel.
  • Lemon Ginger Truffle: Dark chocolate ganache infused with organic lemon and organic ginger.
  • Milk Chocolate Turmeric and Cinnamon Truffle: Turmeric and cinnamon spiced ganache in a vegan milk chocolate shell.
  • Toasted Coconut Caramel: Soft caramel with toasted organic coconut, enclosed in dark chocolate.
  • Fleur de Sel Caramel: Chewy vegan caramel, hand dipped in dark chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of Fleur de Sel
  • Orange Creme: A dark chocolate shell filled with orange flavoured vegan candy creme.
  • White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle: Fresh raspberry blended with our creamy vegan white chocolate.
  • Hot Chili Truffle: Dark chocolate ganache infused with Guajillo chili, organic cinnamon and vanilla.
  • Peppermint Creme: Creamy vegan peppermint candy creme encased in dark chocolate.
  • White Chocolate Lemon Truffle: Fluffy lemon ganache encased in creamy vegan white chocolate.
  • Marzipan Log: A dark chocolate log filled with delicious handmade Marzipan.
  • Solid Chocolate Pyramids: Solid pyramids our 71% Dark Chocolate, Vegan Milk Chocolate and Vegan White Chocolate.


71% Dark Chocolate: Organic*, Fair Trade^ cocoa mass, cane sugar*^, cocoa butter*^.

Vegan Milk Chocolate: Fair Trade^ cocoa butter, cane sugar, dried gluten free oat flour, cocoa mass^, dried rice powder, sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract.

Vegan White Chocolate: Fair Trade^ cocoa butter, cane sugar*^, gluten free oat flour, coconut milk powder*^ (dehydrated coconut milk, tapioca maltodextrin (derived from organic yuca root), acacia fiber), vanilla bean.

Flavourings may include: Almonds, almond extract*, brown rice syrup*, cane sugar*^, chai tea*^, cinnamon*, coconut flakes*, coconut milk*^ (coconut extract, water, guar gum), coconut oil, coffee*, guajillo chili, earl grey tea*, hazelnuts, lemon oil*, orange oil*, peppermint oil*, powdered ginger*, powdered sugar*^ (cane sugar, tapioca starch), raspberries, sea salt, smoked sea salt, turmeric*, vanilla bean, vanilla extract*, wild blueberries.

Please see the FAQ page for all allergen information.

** A note about shelf life: As our Truffles are a fresh product and we do not use any preservatives, the shelf life on our Truffles is 1 – 2 weeks at room temperature, or up to 6 weeks if refrigerated. Please keep this in mind while ordering.

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