Experience Handcrafted Artisan Chocolate and Confections

Locally made and consciously crafted.
Vegan & Gluten, Soy & Preservative Free.
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Locally made and consciously crafted.
Vegan & Gluten, Soy & Preservative Free.
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Our Specialties

Every one of our delicious treats are made in-house by hand. Crafted by combining organic, fair trade, and natural ingredients, our one of a kind selection of vegan chocolates and organic treats are not to be missed!

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Thoughtfully and carefully hand-crafted in Victoria, BC, Pure Lovin’ Chocolate offers you one-of-a-kind tasty treats made with high quality, all-natural ingredients.

Not only that, but our collections are made with the most important ingredient of all – love! Satisfy your cravings with Pure Lovin’ Chocolate, where anyone can enjoy the great taste of naturally delicious chocolate!

Our Mission

Pure Lovin’ Chocolate is produced by the mother-daughter duo of Cyndy & Leah Blackburn in Victoria, BC.

We were inspired to create unique and delicious treats you can’t find anywhere else, without the common allergens that make it difficult for many people to enjoy the simple delight of high quality chocolate.

Experience the difference quality makes.

We want you to enjoy the simple pleasures of artisan chocolate without having to compromise. If you’ve been craving something that is both mouth-wateringly delicious and ethically sourced, you’re in the right place

Browse our shop to see what we have to offer, or view our chocolate flavour chart to discover new favorites! And don’t forget, you can always find the answers to your questions on our FAQs, or by sending us a message!

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Asked Questions

Yes. None of our products are made with animal products, or are made with bone-char filtered sugar.

At Pure Lovin’ Chocolate, we are committed to offering a variety of delectable vegan treats that are hand-crafted with care in small batches, so they’re always as fresh as possible.

However, while our white chocolate offerings are guaranteed to be completely dairy free, please be aware that our vegan milk chocolate and our dark chocolate are made in a facility that may experience some cross-contamination with milk.

Yes, they are! All of our products are made in a dedicated gluten free facility, with all gluten free ingredients. Besides being gluten-free, our treats have the advantage of also being:

  • Soy free

  • Corn Free
  • Artificial Colour/Flavour Free
  • Preservative free

  • Sulphite Free

Yes, we can! Although, we may restrict shipping to certain areas during the summer months.